Friday, June 26, 2020

Pub Mix Container Upcycle ~ DIY Craft Storage


Pub Mix containers make really great storage, but man is it tough to get the labels off! I tried everything. Soaking them overnight in dish soap, scrubbing like crazy, I even tried scraping the glue off with a putty knife. Nope. That stuff is on there like, well, glue.

rava designs crafting with rachelle vaughn

Since nail polish remover works well on glass jars, I decided to try it, but that didn't work either. So I scoured the internet and didn't find much. Except for a tip about cooking spray. Desperate to find something that worked, I tried it. Weird, I know, but I sprayed on some Pam and went to town with the scrubby side of a kitchen sponge. It worked. After a ton of elbow grease. And a big mess of oily spray.

In the future, I'll probably just slap my own pretty label on the container and call it a day because getting that glue off took way too much time and energy.

rava designs crafting with rachelle vaughn

Was it worth all that scrubbing? Yes. I proved to myself that I could get rid of all the gunk and my embroidery thread looks like a wonderful rainbow in its new storage container...

rava designs crafting with rachelle vaughn

rava designs crafting with rachelle vaughn

Here's to creating something beautiful that makes your heart happy!

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