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I spend my days writing romance novels (more about all that yumminess here), my weekends birding and/or hiking, and my evenings gettin' crafty. Lately, I've been making so many goodies that are pic-worthy that I decided to create a home for them here at RaVa Designs.

I'm not here to post tutorials or how-to's--there are plenty of those around already, done by people who know what they're doing a lot more than I do. I'm here to provide ideas and give you inspiration to create something that makes you smile every time you see it. Because, if it doesn't make you happy, then it has no room in your life, right?

So, watch out block of purple polymer clay! I just might fiddle around with you and turn you into a butterfly magnet made from my favorite color. And beware, little glass seed beads! I can't wait to string you up with a unicorn charm and hang you around my neck!

Happy crafting!

Here's to creating something beautiful that makes your heart happy!

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